National Geographic Expeditions Travel Catalog 2018

Le catalogue de National Geographics pour vos voyages en 2018.

Des belles places pour visiter de partout dans le monde, choisissez votre destination.

National Geographic Expeditions Travel Catalog 2018

National Geographic Expeditions Travel Catalog 2018


Finished Music Infographic

Somewhere in the Between


The Taxonomy of my Music is complete!

While I’m working on my Digital Art assignments I enjoy watching my favorite TV shows. I bring this up to help you get a sense for how long it took me to complete this infographic. While working on this I finished watching the entire series of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, as well as two and a half seasons of Mr. Show. And this was only while actually putting the infographic together in illustrator. There was also the search of every single band/artist in my collection on wikipedia to see what subgenre the internet though the belonged in. Then, there was the whole issue of typing out and organizing every single subgenre with it’s respective bands all into illustrator.

The time spent was long and arduous, but it was well worth it. Now I have a personalized music…

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The Economist, May 13-19th 2017

The Economist Europe

The Economist Europe May 13-19 2017

The Economist Europe May 13-19 2017

On the cover

The impulsiveness and shallowness of America’s president threatens the economy as well as the rule of law: leader, page 7.

The administration’s economic strategy is good in parts, but unimaginative and incoherent, page 14.

Donald Trump promises expensive tax  cuts, an investment boom and a smaller trade deficit. He can’t have all three, page 16.

JamesComeywas sacked as director of the FBI byDonald Trump, takingWashington, and  MrComey, completely by surprise. MrTrump acted on the advice of the attorneygeneral, JeffSessions, who decided thatMrComey had botched the FBI’s probe into HillaryClinton’s  private e-mails last year. At the time MrTrump had praised Mr Comey,  but thatwas before he started investigating links between the Trump campaign and Russia. Democrats, and others, called for the appointment ofa special prosecutor.


Governing France

Macron’s mission.

The newpresidentpromises reform from the centre. The challenge is immense, but he deserves to succeed.