What’s Hot on the Moon Tonight – The Ultimate Guide to Lunar Observing

“What’s Hot on the Moon Tonight?” is the ultimate guide to lunar observing.


There are 10,000 craters on the Moon that are within the grasp of even small telescopes. This book takes you by the hand and guides you to the Moon’s most interesting features as they appear night-by-night throughout the lunar month.

It also gives you an understanding of how these features came to be so that you are not merely a sightseer, you become a knowledgeable observer. There is enough information in this book to keep you fascinated for a lifetime!


The Moon takes about 29 days (from new Moon to new Moon) to cycle through its phases. These are referred to as Lunar Days 1-29. So, for example, if you wish to observe the Moon at first quarter you would turn to Day 7 in this guide.

Whats hot on the moon tonight? The ultimate guide to lunar observing

The Moon gets a bad rap. Although it is a thing of astonishing beauty and complexity, it
is often looked upon by astronomers as a benevolent nuisance.

It’s great for poets and lovers, but it interferes with the viewing of faint fuzzy things that are millions of light years away. Because the feeble light from these objects is washed out by the Moon’s glare, astronomers will frequently not even bother to take out their telescopes when there is a Moon in the sky. In doing so, they deprive themselves of one of the richest and most fascinating views in the entire heavens. Paradoxically, if we could see Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn in the same detail that we see the Moon, we probably would never leave our telescopes!

It takes up to 30 minutes for your eyes to become dark adapted enough to allow you to see very faint objects. A careless burst of white light will destroy this in an instant, but red light will preserve your night vision.






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