Time USA – November, 14 of 2016

Des articles super intéressants sur les élections aux USA dans la revue du 14 Novembre 2016.

The View
Ideas, opinion, innovations

Pg 17 All about the data whizzes at news outlets who call presidential elections

Pg 18 How some joke inventions inspired real inventions

Pg 19 Dive into an open-top submarine

Pg 20 Why the next President must fix Social Security

Pg 22 American Voices: online yogi Jessamyn Stanley

Pg 24 Joe Klein endorses Hillary Clinton



Why James Comey couldn’t keep the FBI above politics By Sam Frizell, page 5

Battle of the Sexes How Donald Trump turned 2016 into a referendum on gender, leaving many Republican women caught in the middle By Charlotte Alter , page 28

Elections to Watch A guide to the races that will decide control of the House and Senate,plus notable ballot measures across the nation, including California’s fight over  legalizing marijuana By Alex Altman, Katy Steinmetz, page 36





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