The Economist, Europe, October 22-2016

La revue “The Economist” du 22 Octobre 2016 avec un super intéressant reportage sur la Russie (pg 41 a 56) ainsi que sur les problématiques en Angleterre..


How to contain Vladimir Putin’s deadly, dysfunctional empire: leader, page 7. When the Soviet Union collapsed 25 years ago, Russia looked set to become a free-market  democracy.


What went wrong and how much is Mr Putin to blame?
See special report after page 40.

Russia and the European Union haggle over Ukraine, page 41

the-economist-europe-october-22-2016-cartoon-2Vladimir Putin attended a summit with Angela Merkel in Berlin that also included the leaders ofFrance and Ukraine. Russia’s involvement in the war in Syria has put a further strain on its relations with Europe and MrsMerkel is threatening sanctions. Mr Putin had  not visited Germany since Russia attacked Ukraine in 2014. He recently pulled out  of a trip to France after François Hollande suggested that he wanted to discuss Syria.



Improving social mobility will mean allowing rich children to move down as well
as helping poor ones to move up. Does the government have the stomach forit?

THERE is little doubt about which subject will define Theresa May’s government.

But the prime minister has made clear that during whatever time is not gobbled up by Brexit negotiations she wants to turn Britain into “a country that works for everyone”.

Such talk is hardly new. In 1990 John Major spoke of his desire to forge “a genuinely classless society”. Every prime minister since has made similar noises. Yet few have placed much emphasis on social mobility as Mrs May.



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