Google Tips Tricks

Je l’ avais déjà vu mais j’ ai pu lire  une revue qui vous donne plein d’ informations, parfois utiles, sur les applicatifs et produits da Google, tels que GMail, Google +, Google Maps etc…


Il y a une section ” TIPS” qui est intéressante.


The Google team are full of surprises. Just when you think they’ve gone and outdone themselves – not content to map the whole world, but then going on to have a go at Mars and the Moon too – they roll out another improvement that completely changes everything.

Their most recent change was one of the smallest, but most talked about ones to date: the logo. Changing from its serif font that everybody instantly recognised, the company opted to rebrand with a bright, smooth approach to relect Alphabet, their parent company. In this book, you will i nd tips rel ecting everything from work to play, we then walk you through all the must-haves and must-knows, so you don’t need to ‘google’ them.

When you think of Google, search engines and emails may come to mind, but there is a lot more to the company than just these runaway successes. It is true that Google dominates search and email, but did you know that YouTube is owned and powered by Google and so are many other online services that you may already be aware of. Over time, Google has grown from a company that provides the best search engine on the internet to one that can power almost every aspect of our computing lives.

Google now provides the most popular email service in the world and enables people to store billions of documents online. It provides ultra-fast broadband and the operating  system for the most popular smartphones it sometimes feels that everything it launches becomes a global success. Google is with us all of the time, in the background and at the forefront of our productivity, leisure and travelling. The network of apps and services  come together to create an ecosystem that has naturally grown and feeds off each part.

Google is much more than just a company and the products are much more than mere tools. Google is everywhere.







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